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The most direct way to support the Deubrook Air Rifle Club is to donate to us directly. If you live in, or near, the Deubrook School District please reach out through email to coordinate a donation.

We also have a MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment set up.

This is a way to facilitate long term growth of our club. The MidwayUSA Foundation was established in 2007 to provide sustainable funding to youth shooting sports teams across the nation. Each shooting team has its own earmarked endowment, which the team can grow through donations and fundraisers. Every year, forever, teams with a balance are eligible to receive 5% of the balance through a cash grant. The MidwayUSA Foundation provides quality products for participating teams to use for fundraising actvities. A portion of the funds raised by the team gets dontated back to the teams own endowment and the remaining funds are available for the team to use for operational expenses. This helps both the immediate needs of the team as well as long term growth. Donations can also be made directly to a specific team's endowment. Donations made to a team's endowment are matched through funding set up by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, founders of MidwayUSA hunting and outdoor products as well as founders of the MidwayUSA Foundation.